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Roland Koller regularly features in the most renowned public and specialist media. You don’t just take our word for it! Take a look below where you can read a selection of press reviews as well as reports from TV and radio.

The Private Cinema from the ROLAND KOLLER SIGNATURE collection is the first world-class complete cinema solution for private spaces. Anyone who has the indescribable pleasure of taking a seat in the ROLAND KOLLER SIGNATURE Private Cinema in Vienna is soon to realise why… queerbook (Sommer 2016)
LG – the global leader in OLED technology – has released its first brochure for Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Roland Koller features right in the centre of it. LG OLED Katalog (2015/2016)
“Hollywood at home”. When watching the news or a series, naturally you need a good flatscreen. It is not a home cinema if it’s less than €100,000… begins Austria’s home cinema expert … HOME & LIFESTYLE (11/2014)
“Roland Koller”, whose company is one of the world’s most sought-after providers of exclusive home cinema solutions. Domizil visited the home cinema guru in his impressive showroom and asked him for a detailed interview. Domizil (12/2012)
“What really is ‘State of the Art’ at the moment”. We asked none other than Roland Koller, whose brand is something of an international trademark in terms of home entertainment solutions. queerbook (Herbst Winter 2012/2013)
“Home cinemas for World Cup winners” – … Niki Hosp has proved that she likes to be at the forefront both on and off the slopes, which is why she let Roland Koller equip her house with a fully interconnected home cinema … Techno Kurier (10/2012)
“Europe’s best home cinema – and rightly so, because Roland Koller offers patrons a unique cinema atmosphere and the best sound quality!” smart homes (10/2011)
“The music expert” – Roland Koller provides multimedia at its finest, he looks to the world’s number ones. Magazin Trend (1/2011)
Home cinema trends – we asked none other than Roland Koller what really is “State of the Art” at the moment. His customer list is “top secret” … 2700-City Magazin (11/2010)
Roland Koller’s list of clientele stretches across the world – from Vienna to London and Dubai to Los Angeles and Las Vegas. After 10 months of renovations and an investment of €100,000, Koller finally presents his home cinema showroom – the only one of its kind in Europe… E&W (April 2010)
Thanks to his expertise and stylish solutions, this perfectionist has earned an undisputed reputation throughout Europe. His name is already something of an international trademark… Domizil (März 2010)
Europe’s most beautiful home cinema showroom just got more beautiful! His home cinema showroom – the only one of its kind in Europe – has been subjected to a comprehensive “Update” and now exhibits what is “state of the art” in the home entertainment industry. Today the name Roland Koller stands for “high end” when it comes to home cinema. E&W (2/2010)
Thanks to his expertise and stylish solutions, this perfectionist has earned an undisputed reputation throughout Europe. Umschau (2009-2010)
The showroom of superlatives is in Vienna! For this reason, he asked for advice from quite simply the Austrian home cinema expert, Roland Koller. (Nik Berger) Techno Kurier (31.07.2009)
We recommend going to a home cinema expert like Roland Koller… Domizil (1/2009)
Roland Koller is deserving of the title of Austria’s leading home cinema specialist. (1/2009)
Clean rooming and home cinema expert, Roland Koller, on the most important industry trends Domizil (November/2008)
Luxury components – the best on the market! Tips from Roland Koller – Austria’s leading home entertainment expert TV-Media (40/2008)
Anyone who is after quality instead of mass-produced goods when it comes to interior design has to … Wirtschaftsblatt (April 2008)
The ultimate system is outrageously expensive, and you can experience it for yourself live at the best home cinema in Europe – Roland Koller’s Standard (Rondo, 25. April 2008)
Roland Koller in the Home & Lifestyle magazine DELOINDOM (Slowenia)
Roland Koller ….makes the Cover Home Cinema Magazin (4/2008)
The feeling of Hollywood in your own basement – Roland Koller, one of the most renowned home cinema specialists … Renovation (2/2008)
Home cinema specialist Roland Koller presents amazing solutions Domizil (Jänner 2008)
Roland Koller owns the most modern home cinema in Europe. There’s hardly a more perfect setting for testing out projectors … Techno KURIER (11/2007)
Home cinema expert Roland Koller on the highlights of the IFA 2007. Koller emphasises, “Even if the quality of the LCDs has improved, the plasma screen is still worlds better.” Domizil (10/2007)
Anyone looking for a luxury cinema experience should turn to Roland Koller, one of the best in the industry. An Austrian. Roland Koller offers the very best technical performance in this area. Freizeit KURIER (Juni 2007)

On the 6th of December, home cinema expert Roland Koller shared his tips for buying flatscreens on Ö3 radio …

MP3 01 / MP3 02

Hitradio Ö3 (12/2006)

Trends & Lifestyle in Vienna and the surround areas. Roland Koller – exceptionality in the big city. Umschau (2006/2007)
Roland Koller has been a household name in this country for almost 10 years now … as the specialist for the highest quality home cinema solutions! Domizil (Oktober 2006)
Roland Koller has a well-earned reputation, which today makes him a sough- after contact for business executives and influencers! CE & Trade Digital Markt (September 2006)
Roland Koller provides only the best quality, the best service, and the best support. Thanks to his unquestionable expertise, Roland Koller has risen to expert status in German-speaking countries! GIB – Magazin (August 2006)
Expert Roland Koller in an interview with Ö3 on the subject of plasma or LCD. Hitradio Ö3 (Mai 2006)
“Award Winning” JBL Synthesis Showroom – Roland Koller has upgraded his Award Winning JBL Synthesis Showroom JBL – WATTS UP (Mai 2006)
“Darling, I’ll stay at home.” Roland Koller – one of Europe’s most well-known home cinema experts. Domizil (Oktober 2005)
Roland Koller is the go-to when it comes to the best home entertainment systems Domizil (September 2005)
Home cinema designer Roland Koller features in Europe’s most popular home design magazine. Residential Systems Europe (Juli 2005)
An interview with home entertainment expert Roland Koller on the subject of “multiroom” Domizil (Mai 2005)
“The TV of the future” – NEWS interviews home entertainment expert Roland Koller NEWS (Mai 2005)
Roland Koller enjoys a reputation as “Mr Home cinema” – not only in Austria but far beyond its borders! Auto & Exklusiv (5/2005)
The home cinema expert Roland Koller Domizil (3/2005)

A 3-part TV documentary spotlighting Europe’s home cinema experts. (January 2005)

Video 01 / Video 02 / Video 03

Fernsehen bei Roland Koller

Interview – Roland Koller Treffpunkt Ö3 (Dezember 2004)
“The home cinema specialist in the German-speaking world” Auto & Exklusiv (11/2004)
Hightech gifts … selected for you by the experts … FORMAT (49/2004)
Opportune design for your new home cinema – no compromises on quality! Domizil (September 2004)
The best professional home cinema Heimkino (Award 2004)
Home Entertainment Interview Fertighausträume (April 2004)
Stewart undertakes reference project from Roland Koller Stewart Filmscreen (Juni 2004)
Impressions… Roland Koller Homecinemas (1. April 2004)
JBL-Synthesis Heimkino (März 2004)
Roland Koller provides the largest, most beautiful, and simply the best home cinema in Austria. He is one of the most exclusive specialists, creating home cinemas that are a treat for the eyes and ears … Trend (Jänner 2004)
Runco VX 1000 Ci Heimkino (Jänner 2004)
“Europe’s best home cinema” Heimkino (Dezember 2003)
Home entertainment expert Roland Koller in an interview with Ö3 Ö3 (November 2003)
Made-to-measure home cinemas from the professional Heimkino (Oktober 2003)
A look at the Mount Olympus of home cinemas Renovation & Domizil (März 2003)
European HARMAN boss Mathias Brand and HEIMKINO editor-in-chief DI Michael Voigt at Roland Koller in Vienna Heimkino (Juni 2003)
Luxury tips Format (Dezember 2002)
Roland Koller is number one … City (2000)
Stepping into movie bliss Luxus Trend (1999)
The first and only home cinema store in Vienna MONITOR Direkt (1999)
Top class home cinema feel E&W (1999)
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